About Us

AbobiNaija Media was officially founded on the 24th day of September, 2021, after months of planning and setting the idea to come into perfection.

The Media was and is built for entertainment purposes, which includes Biography, Celeb News, Music Videos and Music uploads as addition to it.

AbobiNaija remains one of the most professionally developed sites in the country and the world at large.

As regards the relevance of the site in existence, A.N.M, is currently having thousands of daily views. Furthermore, we are working on having top partnership deals with either a solo independent artist or a record label; a plan that is 90% furnished.

AbobiNaija Media with the acronym as A.N.M, has a vision in entertainment industry.
Fashion is not exception of our work, we have random characters that could match any person who desires to have either long or short term deal with us.

This space as well provides content that touches every area of ones life, ranging from every day work activities, and down to relief activities.


As an early beginner into the world of entertainment, the company does provide information to starters on how to walk into the line of entertainment.

The company as well sets up studios of all kind and gives due information of the best kind of music making equipment that will surely bring your dreams into greatness in reality.

AbobiNaija Media is in partnership with the popular entertainment firm, LekkiLoaded Media.

The world’s development owes 50 percent of her growth to be from the influence of today’s entertainment.
That being said, entertainment plays a major role.

Need to send informations to thousands of active people ? Well, the company has you covered with the best and most profitable offers.
AbobiNaija can help to advertise you and your products to your taste, comfort and great benefit.

Contact us for music promotions, music productions, ideas, updates, enlightenment and lots more AbobiNaija@gmail.com