“Her VJ go dey smell” – Reactions as pictures and story of woman with the world’s longest nails surfaces online (Photos & Details)

63-years-old Diana Armstrong, holds the Guinness world record for having the longest natural nails.

Diana reportedly began growing her nails in 1997 after the death of her first child who died of asthma attack in her sleep at the age of 16.

Her mammoth nails measure up to 42ft.

Her late daughter used to do her nails which had a moderate length before her demise.

On the night of her death, Diana and her daughter had stayed up late into the night as the daughter cleaned and did her nails before they finally retired to bed.

When Diana got up in the morning, she went straight to work at the grocery store. She then called her second child who was 15 years of age that time.

My second child picked the call and I told her to wake her sister up so they would start cleaning and arranging the house before I get back.

She called me back after to report that her sister wouldn’t wake up.”

Diana has since then spent 25 years growing her nails as she couldn’t trim them off due to the traumatising thoughts of having her daughter do it for her all that time and into the night of her death.

The 63-year-old cannot visit a salon to maintain the mammoth nails and revealed that looking after them is a family affair.

Her grandchildren help look after them, with it taking between five and 10 hours to polish and file just one nail.




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