“I don’t make music for people to like me” – Wizkid (Video)

Nigerian award winning singer, Wizkid, has in a recent radio interview, revealed that he puts so much effort into his music to continually break new territories and not to please anybody.

He stated that he constantly feels like a new artist with every new track and he strives to improve himself on a daily basis.

The Grammy Award winning artist added that he is not making music for people’s acceptance or for likeness.

Revealing all these in a recent radio interview, he said;

“Everyday I feel like a brand new artiste. I’m hungry for this like, am tryna be the best Wizkid that I can. So its like, uh, like I don’t feel like its new. Oh am in a new territory so I have to do this.

“To be loved or for people to Like my sound or u know I have to do this for people to fuck with me…Like Nah!!! Am just really making my music and still catching my real vibes, not trying to dilute the sound”

Watch video below;




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