Look at how this bursty lady with heavy behind distracted this man from work (Video)

A near perfect body physique lady had decided to be very naughty towards a man at work. The lady has a very round and curvy backside. Her b. 00. Bs are well-rounded and attractive. She made everything colourful with the tattoos she has on her near perfect br. Ea sts.

She is a model and an actress. She has lasted for decades in her career, so she’s professional in what she does. The beautiful black elegant lady does not fail to deliver whenever she wants to be naughty.

In the video, the white man is seen seriously working on an electronic appliance in a cupboard while the succulent lady stays beside him to showcase her massive b. 00. Ty. The lady was in a tight, long gown, which displays all her curves and part of her b. 00. Bs because she wasn’t wearing no panties nor bra.

The thick black lady tries everything to get his attention off work and for him to focus on her body. The lady faced the man with her big melons, swinging it at each moment she spoke with the man. The lady, before leaving, gave the man k!ller and se. Xy eye contact for him to follow her; the man helplessly fell for it.





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