Wiz khalifa Biography: Age, Net Worth 2021/22, Songs, Wife & Children, Tv Shows, Awards, Height, Real Name, Record Lable, Son Name, Parents, Houses, Albums, Instagram, Cars, Grammy, Deal, So Rich, Nationality, Military Family & More

Wiz khalifa Biography: Age, Net Worth 2021/22, Songs, Wife & Children, Tv Shows, Awards, Height, Real Name, Record Lable, Son Name, Parents, Houses, Albums, Instagram, Cars, Grammy, Deal, So Rich, Nationality, Military Family & More


Cameron Jibril Thomaz is one of the most trend and fans American hip hop rapper better known as Wiz Khalifa, he dedicated much of his life time into doing good music.

Wiz Khalifa was born in Minot, North Dakota, United States, on the 8 September 1987 (age 34 years).

Khalid is fully behind the song “See You Again” featuring American singer Charlie Puth, recorded in 2015 and was later commission on Fast & Furious 7 serving as huge tribute to one of the late film star and actor Paul Walker who died in motor accident.

He’s from a soldier family, due to this reason present star and hip hop hit maker moves from one places to another which includes Japan, Germany, and the UK, and back to US where he later have a good life on including his education.

FULL NAMECameron Jibril Thomaz
DATE OF BIRTH8 September 1987 (age 34 years).
NET WORTH$60 million.
CHILDRENSebastian Taylor Thomaz


Wiz Khalifa is a role model to many people who was birth on 8 september 1987, this means Wiz Khalifa is 34 years old of age.

His name “Wiz Khalifa” has two great and important meaning that you should know, Wiz which means Wizard and “, Khalifa which in greek word means ‘Wisdom“, bringing all together gives us his current bearing name ‘Wiz Khalifa’.


He’s carrier worth something great to talk about because Wiz Khalifa has made a different and earn a living out of it. He started been smart from the age of 16 where he had decided on who and what to become.

Wiz Khalifa as of the age of 16 signed his first record label deal with Rostrum Records, under the label he released some cool numbers of track’s which stands as sold out on the label and was really doing well and great.

In continue fight for his carrier to grow bigger, he left the label according to his mind directive and wishes and then signed another deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2007.

Under Warner Bros. Record, Wiz Khalifa was given a massive opportunity where he was able to roll on same song with The Game, David Banner and Play-n-Skillz. Drive down to 2009 he left the record label and went back to Rostrum Records where he stays only lasted for a year, then he left to Atlantic Records, under this label he released an evergreen single track tagged “Black And Yellow“, Wiz Khalifa songs have been featured in Billboard Top 100 so many times.


Wiz Khalifa has recorded a lots of tracks as an artiste, but this two songs of him remains evergreen, this are ‘Black And Yellow‘ released in 2010 which got a massive sell out with much fans supporting the sound and ‘See You Again‘ which later on was commissioned on Fast & Furious 7 as a tribute to late Paul Walker.

Others of his single songs includes, Young,Wide & Free (2011), Sucker For Pain (2016), Black Hollywood (2014), Shell Shocked (2014) and many more.


Wiz khalifa Biography speaks much about him, this gives us the opportunity to include to his profile his current net worth which is approximately and in total as of 2021 ($60 million).

He made all his money from his musical carrier as he driven to himself a huge big name in America hip hop music world, ranking him one of the most popular and successful musician with legal income or earning as of 2021 and still counting more, Wiz khalifa net worth in 2021 is $60 million.


Amber Rose is wiz khalifa’s wife from 2013 – 2016, just a period of 3 years.

Wiz khalifa was reportedly married to Amber Rose as of 2013 and they had a child together named “Sebastian Taylor Thomaz“, but later on in 2016, the couples split apart having Wiz khalifa single again but during this time he is already a father.

After Amber Rose and Wiz khalifa where no more, he went on with another partner who happens to be Aimee Aguilar, who made his debut IG name for about a year after 2019 Halloween.

The information here gives an accurate details about Wiz khalifa relationship, which includes his wife, girlfriend and his child.


Wiz Khalifa has recorded some cool couples of albums and this include Rolling Papers Album is reportedly to be his third studio project released in 2011 under Atlantic Records, Kush & Orange Juice Album was released under Taylor Gang Records and Rostrum Records in 2010.

He has some cool numbers of albums as we continue listing here, O.N.I.F.C. Album by Wiz khalifa was reportedly recorded under Atlantic Records and Rostrum Records, released back then in December 4 2012.


According to the Grammy Page online, Wiz khalifa got first Grammy nominations for the song “Black And Yellow” for grammy 54th annual award, and nominations category where BEST RAP PERFORMANCE, BEST RAP SONG, then on other’s songs which where featured bin the 58th grammy annual award also include, “See You Again” nominations where SONG OF THE YEAR, BEST POP DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE, BEST SONG WRITTEN FOR VISUAL MEDIA.

He haa a rated good numbers of award won by him, we have list down this category to help you understand and know how many international nominations the artiste Wiz khalifa have.


Ever since the carrie start of Wiz khalifa, the hip hop have touch down this majors record labels Rostrum Records, Warner Bros. Records in 2007, Atlantic Records in 2011.

This where all the labels Wiz Khalifa signs deal with during his chase of carriers and even work more with them after he became massively known in America hip hop world and both having international recognition.

Wiz khalifa Biography, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Wife & Children, Tv Shows, Awards, Record Lable & More.

That’s All What We Know About Wiz khalifa Concerning Biography.




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